Sunday, 21 August 2011


The Waldorf MicroWave is one of those synths.  I just know I will never, ever sell it.  I've had many synths that have come and gone, and I've not regretted letting any of them go really, except maybe the Kawai K5000s, which I know I'll probably buy again one day.  The MicroWave is something very, very special.  I've had nothing that can touch it in terms of sheer sonic beauty, and I think a lot of that is down to the analogue filters, and in the case of my rev A MicroWave that's the Curtis CEM3389, or eight of them in fact, one for each glorious voice.

I've noticed that a lot of videos on YouTube tend to highlight the more clangorous side of the MicroWave, which is a wonderful thing, but there are few videos showcasing it's soft and gentle side, especially with real-world parts being played, which is the best way to hear it in a musical context.  Please have a look at my video on YouTube or Vimeo (below) if you want to get another take on the Microwave.  I try to use it in every track I do, and it's great for textural stuff, perfect for ambient soundscapes.  The envelope can be a little clicky if the attack is set too fast, and you can hear this on one of the patches I play, but this is easily remedied by pushing the amp envelope attack out just a little, and doing so doesn't make the envelope feel sloppy at all, so it's not a big deal.

My good friend "Time Enough For Love" uses the MicroWave 1 all over his tracks, so please check them out too at Time Enough For Love for his beautiful glo-fi shoe-gazer stuff.  Genius!

I've made a very functional template for the BCR2000 that really unlocks the MicroWave's full potential, there are so many parameters that can be controlled via midi that it was difficult to wittle them down to fit on the BCR, so I managed to make some clever choices and I have it across two presets, and it's simple to switch between the two.  If you are interested in a copy of the template send me an email and I'll flick it out to you:

I have a feeling that this video is going to be flagged and removed, so try not to be a square and flag it to the "authorities".  I've put this up on Vimeo too, which might mean it will last just a little longer as I believe they are a maybe a little cooler about nudity... yes, that's right, Waldorf MicroWave + Nudity.  FTW.  If they both get pulled I'll redo this with some other footage, maybe something boring like one of my cats sleeping.


  1. This I like!

    Although I think my tastes tend more towards your house stuff.

    nice work, dude!